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Dead to Rights Retribution Sony PS3

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Dead to Rights: Retribution (PS3)
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Vice cop Jack Slate has a whole city to clean up and the only one willing to help him is his loyal canine partner Shadow. Hunted and betrayed, the pair must take on the whole corrupt city by themselves and uncover a mass conspiracy against them.

Inspired by the best of Hong Kong action cinema Jack is a master of hand-to-hand combat and a skilled marksman, allowing you to take down gangs of enemies at once in mass brawls or gun down criminals using an intuitive new cover system.

There are some situations though, where a man's best friend is better equipped to handle things and you can now not only order Shadow into action with a few simple commands but also take direct control of him at any time. With vicious disarming attacks for both man and dog this is a third person shooter with real bite.

Key Features

  • Man and Dog: Jack Slate and Shadow return to gaming with their own unique style of crime fighting and intense third person combat.
  • Hand-to-Hand: Perform brutal takedowns and take part in all-new 360 degree combat as Jack demonstrates his melee skills on the scum of Grant City.
  • Teeth-to-Bone: Take control of Shadow the dog at any time and bring down criminals with stealth as you slip through areas unnoticed and go where Jack cannot.
  • Bullet Time: Slow down time and take out enemies with ease as you make use of Jack's gun fu powers and line-up the perfect shot every time.
  • Cover Me: New cover system lets you take aim at your leisure or just blind-fire at enemies to distract them long enough for Shadow to get his teeth in.

About the Developer: Volatile Games
Based in Warwickshire, England this developer was created by the long-running Blitz Games Studios specifically to make mature-rated games. Their first title was an adaption of the Quentin Tarantino film Reservoir Dogs and their second a new Dead To Rights sequel for Namco Bandai.

Product Description

ThThrusting players into a mature neo-noir crime drama as a vice-cop Jack Slate and his canine companion Shadow, the game introduces new gameplay elements that unify the third-person shooting and brawling genres for a brutal and relentless new action-driven experience.

Returning to Grant City, a boom town gone bust that is falling to the worst excesses of crime, greed and corruption, Dead To Rights: Retribution follows vice-cop Jack Slate as he fights to expose shadowy figures that will stop at nothing to exert their deadly influence over the crumbling metropolis. Dead To Rights: Retribution will form an original story portraying key events that shape and define Jack Slate's character including how he and Shadow first come together as partners against those who would bring the once great city to its knees.r>
Introducing an innovative new hybrid combat system, Dead To Rights: Retribution puts the full combat potential of a highly trained, highly agitated law-enforcement officer into players' hands. Use your sidearm to pick off enemies from a distance, take cover and blind-fire with the game's new ranged combat mechanics, or push the issue by taking human shields, stealing weapons with special disarm moves or dishing out Jack's own brutal brand of justice with deadly takedown moves. Jack is equally lethal in close-quarters combat, offering players branching melee combos, counter-attacks and disarms as they take the fight to the criminal element of Grant City. Jack will encounter a variety of ruthless gangs in the filthy slums and menacing alleys of Grant City, each with their own unique abilities and fighting style that will test his resolve to crush their murderous stranglehold.

Additional Information

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Item Id H00194
Release Date N/A
Brand Bandai Namco
Warranty 1 Year
Platform Sony PlayStation 3
Rating 18+
Dimension N/A
Weight KG 0.1000
Barcode 3700577000003
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